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Flowing with the Anointing

Whether you are currently involved in Christian worship ministry or you have only recently heard Gods call to join Him in the Throne Room, this timely and sensitively written book of practical instructions is for you. In terms of easy to understand, practical pointers for those of us who are musicians and worship leaders, Ron Roper, offers a totally refreshing perspective with regard to moving and flowing in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.More...

Hand Of God

What do we really know and understand about the “Five Fold Ministry Gifts”? What is their purpose and relevance? Few books have been written that transcend our manmade ideas concerning this subject. The “Hand of God” is permeated with spiritual revelation as to why these ministry gifts still exist. In this book you will learn what they are, who they are, how they function and why they are vital to the equipping, maturing and effectiveness of the church today.More...

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What Is True Spiritual Authority?

Apostle Tom Taylor has written an in-depth sylubus for the serious Bible student and believer on the principles of Spiritual Authority. As a seasoned minister, Tom Taylor lays out a comprehensive chapter by chapter study of this subject.

This book will help one understand, and place a safeguard concerning the authority in the church. Authority is sometimes an abused, vauge and clouded area of the church. True Spiritual Authority will become more clearly understood as you progress through the pages. The book has 15 chapters included in 258 pages.

Becoming Powerful

We all desire to see the miraculous happen in our lives. We hunger for answered prayer, spiritual renewal, and lives that impact the world around us. Yet most of us live barely surviving, unable to imagine being a source of life to others.

In Becoming Powerful, John Bradbury reveals how to bring the Kingdom of God from heaven to earth. We are the instruments through which God's will is demonstrated. You will learn how to abide in the words of Jesus, host the anointing of the Spirit, and carry the love of the Father.

It's time to become mothers and fathers of the faith. We are the source of breakthrough that the world is waiting for. Let's learn to thrive and become the powerful people we were created to be.