What is an Intercessor? Webster's New College Dictionary defines intercession as: "1. Entreaty in favor of another. 2. Mediation in a dispute."

An intercessor is someone who "stands in the gap," accessing heaven with prayer on behalf of someone else's needs.

An intercessor for Ron Roper Ministries would be agreeing to pray for Ron Roper Ministries every day as well as for those who have submitted prayer requests to the ministry.

If you have a burning in your spirit, a heartfelt desire to intercede on behalf of others, and become a co-fighter and mediator against the powers of darkness, if you are ready to accept the responsibility and trust of those who need your prayers, as well as to continually intercede for Ron Roper Ministries every day, we extend this invitation to you and look forward to you joining us.

By clicking the link below you will be granted access to the "Prayer Room." You will be able to view any prayer requests that are urgent, as well as ongoing. Intercessory prayer remains a high priority of Ron Roper Ministries. If you are called to this lifestyle of prayer, please click this link.

"God does nothing outside of Prayer"