Total Freedom Crusades

Our heart is to reach churches and communities in America and other parts of the world with the Love and Power of God. Total Freedom Crusades are some of the most effective outreaches of Ron Roper Ministries and enable us to achieve our mandate. A Total Freedom Crusade is not meant to be just another "Meeting" or "Church Service" but a true time of Healing and Refreshing.

Anointed Praise and Worship, Teaching, Prayer and Ministry are avenues that God uses to bring Total Freedom -- Spirit, Soul and Body -- to the Church, as well as to the Unchurched. Total Freedom Crusades not only bring Inspiration and Biblical Information, but also include Restoration and Impartation.

We hold Total Freedom Crusades where we believe God wants us to go. To hold a Total Freedom Crusade at your church or city, please feel free to contact Ron Roper Ministries at:

"When We Really Meet Jesus, We Are Never The Same"