Ron Roper Biography

Ron Roper is recognized by many in the body of Christ as an Apostle and Psalmist.

Ron Roper was born in Rome, Georgia in 1954 to Jimmy and Mena Roper. The Roper family traveled extensively across the United

States averaging over three hundred revival meetings a year. This pace continued for the first six years of Ron's life. After that, the Roper family settled in the state of Washington for two years and then relocated to San Diego, CA. Ron stayed in California until after high school and then resumed traveling throughout the states until beginning full-time ministry in 1979. In 1981, Ron met Lilly (now Lilly Roper) in the church where he worked and the two were married in 1982. The Lord graced Ron and Lilly in 1984 with a beautiful girl named Veronica and then in 1986 with a wonderful boy named Joseph.

Ron was raised in an atmosphere of preaching and singing as well as having talented and musical parents. At an early age, Ron began to show signs of giftings and anointings from the Lord. Ron began singing in church services at the age of four years old and co-wrote and arranged as well as performed on three long play albums at the age of eleven. Ron has been graced with an anointing in music to play and sing as well as preach and teach the Word of God. Being skilled in almost a dozen instruments has enabled Ron to record and produce many tapes and CD's as well as minister with many anointed people throughout the world. His preaching and teaching emphasizes praise, worship, healing and body ministry as the believer's lifestyle. Ron is also the author of the book "Flowing in the Anointing."

In 1991, Ron and Lilly Roper became senior pastors of Northwest Christian Center after being associate pastors for the previous nine years. In 1995, Ron and Lilly founded the first Believer's World Ministries in Portland, Oregon. The Ron Roper family now travel extensively throughout the United States preaching and singing in church meetings and holding Total Freedom Crusades in selected areas. The ministry headquarters for Ron Roper Ministries is located in beautiful Natchez, Mississippi. Believer's World Ministries also holds services in Natchez on a regular basis.