Partner: An associate that works with others to achieve a common goal.

We are believing God to move on people's hearts to become Ministry Partners. The greatest ministries the world has ever known have been facilitated and supported by faithful partners. This is still true today. God intended for the body of Christ to work together, and thus fulfill The Great Commission. Together, we will reach the world through God's love and power.

Partnership is not an American ideal

Partnership is a Godly ideal

Partnership is not an American ideal. Partnership is a Godly ideal. Words like "co-laborers", "covenant", "fellowship" and "partakers" speak to us of unity and corporate purpose. We need a strong prayer base of committed and fervent prayer warriors. Those motivated by love and empowered by the Holy Spirit. There is a spiritual warfare going on and we must have partners that stand along with us. We also need faithful financial partners. People who will help us continue reaching out, and touching lives through committed giving. We need you to earnestly consider becoming a partner with Ron Roper Ministries. You may provide support for many causes, but not all of them store up eternal treasure in heaven. The things that you do for the Lord Jesus Christ will. God has given us an opportunity to make a difference in the world. What can you do for the Lord? What will you do for the Lord? Only what you do for Christ will last! As a Ministry Partner, you will be a part of every blessing that comes from what God does through Ron Roper Ministries. As a Ministry Partner, we promise to pray for you and keep you involved and updated in what the Lord is doing. As a Ministry Partner, you can touch, reach and bless people through this ministry. We ask you to pray about this very important decision. We are looking forward to running the race together.

In Him,

Ron Roper